How do I use Pressed & Proper?

  1. Create a profile with us by filling out our sign up form or giving us a call. A personalized premium garment bag will be given to all customers upon their first pick up by our Garment Specialist.
  2. Call us or login to schedule the times for pick up and delivery that works with your schedule.
  3. Pickup: A Garment Specialist will pick up your laundry from your home or office at your specified time.
  4. Delivery: A Garment Specialist will deliver your cleaned clothes to your desired destination, PRESSED & PROPER.


What if this is my first time and I don’t have my personalized garment bag?

Once you place your first pickup service with us, our Garment Specialist will arrive to pick up your clothes and show you how it all works.


Do I need to separate the whites and the colors?

No. We will save you the hassle and do it for you.


What should I do if some items of clothing need special treatment?

Just add it to the notes section on your order form or with your garment bag. Also, tell your Garment Specialist when they arrive for pick up. You may want to place any stained clothing in a plastic bag so that we can be sure to give those articles special attention.


How do the time slots work for scheduling pick up and drop off services?

When you schedule a service, you have the option to select the most convenient time for pick up and drop off. Please call our specialists to discuss the best schedule for you.


What if I want my laundry delivered the next day?

No problem. Please specify that you require next day delivery when placing your order.

Please note that next day delivery is a premium service and is priced differently.


Do you deliver to my area?

See the current list of service areas that we deliver to. If you don’t see your area, and would like to use our service, let us know. We may expand the service areas if there is sufficient demand.


What are your prices?

Click on our pricing link to find out more about our prices and services.


What are the order minimums?

Nobody wants to pay delivery fees, so to avoid that we have order minimums. We have a $15.00 minimum on all orders. Our folded laundry service has a 20 lb minimum.


What happens if the minimum isn’t met?

There will be a $5 delivery fee should you not be able to meet our minimum requirement.


Should I tip the Garment Specialist?

Totally up to you but no need to tip. We take good care of our Garment Specialist. We would however love for you to give us a review and share your experience.


How do I enter coupons?

Please hand the coupon to the Garment Specialist at the time of the pick up and/or type the coupon code in the customer notes section. The code will automatically be applied to your order upon delivery. No coupons will be applied after delivery.